About Convoy Skateboards

Support Local

As a company we have decided to not sell our product direct online and compete with the local shops that support us. We promote the building and sustaining of skate communities, and at the core of those communities is always your local skate shop. So please find your area shop and talk to them about CNVY. If they do not carry our product, refer them to our site.

Shop Orders

If you are a shop looking to place an order, please email us.

What's Up With CNVY?

Convoy Skateboards was established in the summer of 2005. It is a skateboard company dedicated to portraying the best possible image for skateboarding. The company is about giving back to an industry that gave so much to the founders as they grew up. It is not about having the best "skate team" and not about blowing other companies out of the water, but its main mission is to promote fundamental skateboarding and create the best products with the following qualities; fresh and new designs, a positive attitude, and overall quality and performance, but most of all, promote having fun while doing the thing you love; skateboarding!

The founders, Eamonn Bourke and Chris Reichert are well-seasoned skateboarders who have been skating and teaching others to skate since they were young. They are not newcomers to the skateboarding industry, and over the past 20+ years have skated and snowboarded around the world. Over the past few years though, they noticed a change in the skateboarding industry and culture.

They decided to establish their company to right the many things they felt were going wrong with the industry. One of their main goals is to move the image and presence of skateboarding away from the mainstream mentality and bring back the core values and fun skateboarding offers to the youth.